Meet Our Bishop


Bishop Jerrell flows as a prophet; teaches the word of God without compromising, goes into the communities at large to reach the lost and outcasts through evangelism.  He ministers on various platforms curtailed to church leadership and protocol, youth, men, women, singles and married couples.  Bishop Jerrell is a worshipper.  He is the undershepherd of a ministry whereas many share testimonies of being supernaturally delivered from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, addictions, prostitution, and etc.  Through his ministry many share testimonies and medical reports of being supernaturally healed from diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, emotional abuse, HIV, low self-esteem, depression, arthritis, and etc.


Bishop Jerrell ministered along with Dr. Ron Kenoly, Angela Spivey, and Rodney Bryant at the first annual “Gospel Roots” Conference in Cotonu, Benin (Africa).  He has opened for the following major stage productions:  Mama I Want to Sing; Your Arms Are Too Short to Box with God; and I Can Do Bad All By Myself.  He has song, performed, or recorded with the following artists:  Victor Johnson and Free; Willie Blount; Lorraine Stancil; Douglass Miller; Rodney Bryant; Angela Spivey; Dr. Leonard Scott; Paul Avery and Ministry Choir; Darrell Owens and Voices of Zion; John “Bucky” Tillery and Living Sacrifice; and more.  Bishop Jerrell is the playwright and producer of Going To Hell Through the Doors of the Church.


Bishop Jerrell's hobbies and interests include:  Studying the word of God, singing, worshiping, praying, writing, traveling, shopping, boxing, martial arts, movies, bowling, volleyball, theater, music, cooking, and board games.  Bishop Jerrell's educational background includes:  Biblical Studies; Business Management; and Computer Engineering. 


Bishop Jerrell served faithfully at the following ministries:  Central Baptist Church in Washington, DC under the leadership of Reverend Henry S. Moore; Free Gospel Deliverance Temple in Coral Hills, Maryland under the leadership of Apostle Ralph and Dr. Shirley Green; and Jabbok Christ-Centered Ministries in Washington, DC under the leadership of Bishop Harold Wilder (Deceased) and Bishop Donald A. Wright (Current Pastor).  He is currently in covenant with Bethel Worship Center, under Apostles Michael & Donna Scott. 

He appreciates the ministries of Bishop Noel Jones, Dr. Jacqueline McCullough, Bishop T.D.Jakes, Dr. Joyce Meyer, Prophet Todd Hall, and so many more; however, he patterns himself after the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Psalms 34:1 – I will bless the Lord at ALL times and His praises shall continually be in my mouth!