International Church of Worshippers (ICW) is a bible based ministry that reaches out to the community bringing them into a worship service where they will be empowered to transition pass the hurts, scars, and challenges teaching biblical principles of prosperity,  deliverance, healing, and salvation.


The joyful, electrifying and yet personally motivated praise and worship offered during our services is a reflection of the supernatural moving of the Holy Spirit. When those who praise connect with those who worship it brings about an intense move of God. This particular move of the Holy Spirit brings unity to diverse cultural, racial, ethnic and denominational backgrounds of those who attend our fellowship. Our joy is as readily evident by a victorious shout, clap, or dance or as subtle as a quietly shed tear or the extending of the hands. Our aim is to lead the believer into a time of personal commune with God; whereas even though it’s a corporate worship atmosphere, it is still an intimate encounter with God.